In today’s edition, we catch up on the news from over the holidays and include a few helpful reviews from 2015.

NVIDIA has posted a great set of tutorials around the core concepts of machine learning. Added to the Learn AI guide.

Future of Life has released a great summary of the top AI breakthroughs in 2015. This article is nice in the way that it breaks the innovations down into five categories of intelligence: abstracting across environments, intuitive concept understanding, creative abstract thought, dreaming up visions, and dexterous fine motor skills.

A nice collection of thoughts from various Deep Learning experts on what to expect in 2016

An experiment in “dreaming up” new Chinese characters using TensorFlow

Larry O’Brien shared some good thoughts on Neural Nets as programming assistants.

This Week in HPC podcast talking about Deep Learning and big acquisitions in 2015.

The 19 most important things that happened in robotics in 2015.

Google is planning a Whatsapp rival, focusing on AI as a differentiator. We’ll see. So far, Google has yet to impress with most of its social software projects.

On the other hand, Google does have a lot of success with big computing projects. Here is the latest news about Google’s new quantum computer.

A useful evaluation of Deep Learning frameworks.

Shivon Zilis has a useful breakdown and chart of the current field of AI players.