Welcome to Constructed Intellect, a new blog and podcast covering the business and technology of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

My name is Ray Grieselhuber (@raygrieselhuber), and I’m the creator and host of Constructed Intellect.

I’m an entrepreneur, programmer, writer, and speaker with about ten years of experience in enterprise SaaS, analytics, and big data. In 2010, I went through the summer program at Y Combinator and launched my first SaaS business, GinzaMetrics, as part of that process. More recently, I’ve also become involved with Functionize, the first cloud-based, browser-driven automated testing platform.

I started Constructed Intellect because it became clear, in my businesses, that AI and machine intelligence in general, have evolved to the point that they will have a massive impact on the computing industry over the next five to ten years.

The podcast will be launching in early 2016. You’ll soon be able to subscribe to our mailing list to get a regular digest of AI news, learn about my ongoing research, and get notified of the podcast launch.

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