Welcome to the first edition of the Constructed Intellect Daily. Well, almost daily. We’ll be covering the top AI and machine learning stories from around the web.

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From news earlier this month, Nvidia’s M40 GPUs are center stage in Facebook’s open sourced server designed to tackle machine learning projects, Big Sur.

Semantic Machines, with former chief scientist of Siri at Apple, Larry Gillick, has raised $12.3 in new funding.

In a shortsighted move, ITIF nominated Elon Musk for the ‘luddite of the year’ award. Bill Gates and Stephen Hawking were also nominated.

Google Chairman, Eric Schmidt, outlines his vision for world-changing AI and his, perhaps overly optimistic, three principles for AI that benefits the ‘common good.’

Dominic Basulto, writing for The Washington Post, addresses five questions about the new OpenAI foundation.

Google may be working on AI-powered messaging platform. Would be interesting to see them acquire Slack.

China unveils its first “robot” to deliver the weather forecast, featuring a “cute” voice.

Stephen Wolfram, writing at Medium’s Backchannel, discusses the legacy of Ada Lovelace and her thoughts about universal computation.

Autonomous.ai’s Deep Learning Robot looks like an exciting product.

Peadar Coyle writes about the three things he wishes he knew earlier about machine learning.

Benedict Evans touches on AI a bit in his ‘16 mobile theses.’

I predict we’ll be hearing a lot more about the blockchain and AI in 2016. So, here’s why blockchain is the new website, with some good comparisons to past disruptions.