I’m excited to kick off this new project, Constructed Intellect. The first time I ever encountered the ideas around Artificial Intelligence (AI) in any meaningful fashion was in 2006, when I met a couple of guys who had built neural networks for the financial analysis and risk industries. They had built a successful business on their technology (still in use today) but they were the first to point out the many limitations that they faced during their build.

In less than a decade, the number of innovations that have occured in order to make AI a business reality for startups and large corporations alike is truly staggering. At the time that each of these innovations came out, I don’t think anybody was able to appreciate what the impact of these innovations would be in aggregate.

I plan to kick off the podcast itself officially in early 2016, with some great guests for interviews. In the meantime, and also ongoing, I’ll be adding my own thoughts as I continue to learn, analyze, and participate in what I think is going to be the largest business change we’ll see in the 21st century.